Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Apple's Mighty Mouse

I have to laugh. Not because Apple has finally done it - they've built a two-button mouse! - but they've done it in such a way that it still can be called a one-button mouse. Best comment from Slashdot here.

I guess they didn't want to completely shut down the single-button mouse haters.

I do worry that it will be less than intuitive for those who indiscriminately click with fingers other than the index. The touch-sensitive feature is aesthetically very cool, but how the hell to explain this to the noobs who've never experienced a normal multi-button mouse? As someone who does tech support for some frighteningly ignorant users, I don't look forward to that. Touch sensitivity has proved to be a bit of a sticky wicket on the Apple flat-panel displays in the past, in that they're so sensitive they had to come up with a way to disable them. It's a bit of a non-intuitive technology, if you ask me.

Still, I expect that Apple did their homework and tested this mouse on normal users. It's such a typically cool Apple implementation of an existing technology and design. I hope it's not a flop.


Dr. Tobias Funke said...

I guess we should have expected that one. After all the one-button trash talking they have done, they pretty much had to reinvent the damn thing to save face.

I'll wait for your hand-on review before buying one, Macdoug. Any idea when we can expect that?

MacDoug said...

At $44, it's going to take a windfall at work or at home to finance one of these babies anytime soon. But I'll see what I can find at CompUSA...

BTW, who knew the Apple Store had a Customer Reviews feature now? What with the one-click ordering and stuff, they're turning into a hipper Amazon.com!

Dr. Tobias Funke said...

I'll start trusting a product review on Apple's web site as soon as John Bolton adopts a Senegalese orphan.

That's right. I went there.

Speaking of CompUSA, try out a Tablet PC when you go shopping for the Almighty Mouse. I tried one the other day and I'm really close to singing its praises. The handwriting recog was freaky.

UtSky said...

All I can say is... eh. I guess I don't get the whole earth-is-shaking part about Apple using a two button mouse. Maybe I'm just annoyed at Apple for not lowering prices enough for me to buy one. For half the cost of the cheapest iBook, I just got a pretty silver Toshiba with similar specs and a 3" bigger screen. Two-buttoning the mouse won't make up for five bills.

MacDoug said...

You know, it's true - there's really nothing altogether remarkable about Apple making a more-than-one-button mouse. It's more symbolic.

What would be even more symbolic is if they leveled the prices with the Wintel world in laptops. But you say similar specs - is that really true? Did you do a side-by-side? I didn't think the prices were that out-of-whack. To me it's worth the premium to get OS X and iLife, plus their support. But I'm kind of biased. :)